Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative and Northern Europe’s leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food products. Owned by 25 000 Swedish farmers, have 10 000 employees, operations in over 20 countries and an annual turnover of EUR 4 billion (40 billion SEK). With grain at the heart of Lantmännen’s operations, they refine arable land resources to make farming thrive. Some of their best-known food brands are AXA, Bonjour, Kungsörnen, GoGreen, Gooh, FINN CRISP, Schulstad and Vaasan. Lantmännen is founded on the knowledge and values acquired through generations of farmers. With research, development and operations throughout the value chain, together they take responsibility from field to fork.

We work actively to ensure that our employees can develop themselves at our workplaces, irrespective of their sex, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or disability.


Available positions:

  • Service Manager Workforce collaboration
  • Service Manager Site Specific IT Services
  • Service Delivery Manager Telecom
  • Application Architect Integration & Technology
  • Application Architect Web
  • Application Architect e-commerce
  • Application Architect lead developer
  • Service Manager Financial BI services
  • Service Manager BI Platform services

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