At Nets we chase the payment solutions for tomorrow by exploring concepts like biometric payments, AI and Blochchain. A European leader in payment technologies we develop and deliver classic payment products.

We are trusted by 240 banks and over 300,000 merchant customers… and with many more to come.

Nets provides safe and reliable digital payments and e-identities, moving value and creating value for both business, society and citizens. Build your career with us, and together we’ll shape the future of digital payments, powering an easier tomorrow for us all.

Power your talent on our exciting growth journey

Working for Nets, you’ll help develop and market products and solutions that are the foundations for growth and progress – both in commerce and in society. Thinking and working across borders and business areas, you’ll be teaming up with openminded colleagues with different experiences and personalities, but with one shared ambition. Together, we will explore new ways of merging our existing products, new technologies and opportunities into new products for a high-paced, high-impact market.

Your leaders are always at hand, ready to listen to your ideas and input.

Do you want to be part of turning our Nordic digital legacy into a world-beating business?