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Our vision: Keep track of everything in the world

  • Keep track of = Be able to locate within a few meters so it can be found
  • Everything = Anything that is valuable enough to locate
  • In the world = Anywhere globally, indoor and outdoor

Combain continuously works towards this vision by developing an accurate, low-cost,
and global positioning service based on radio. We believe in radio, cloud services,
crowd-sourcing, and big data mining/analysis. Our history started back in 2006 when
Combain Consulting AB got a research assignment from Sony Ericsson to develop
positioning algorithms, build a cell-id database and do wardriving in the woods of
southern Sweden to capture cell-ids from swedish mobile network operators. We had
then and still have a passion about location based services and how to use mobile
positioning to improve these. In 2009, Combain Mobile AB was founded and Location- was launched as an innovative mobile positioning cloud service. It quickly got
it’s first customer within valuable goods tracking. The service has today evolved to a
much better performing Combain Positioning Service (CPS). Today our team has
managed to develop advanced positioning algorithms (patent pending) and build the
world largest cell-id and wifi database. We continue to do positioning research in
collaboration with Lund University. Our services are now being used by mobile
network operators, mobile device manufacturers and various M2M service providers
globally to improve their positioning of mobile devices.

Our management team have a long and broad experience from the telecom industry and from working with cloud
based solutions. In 2015 Combain proudly received awards and recognitions: 33-
listan, Sweden’s 33 most potential tech companies, and Winner of Red Herring Top
100 Europe. Combain is based in Ideon Research Park, Lund, Sweden. For us this is
the ideal location, innovative area, close to Lund University with all it’s research, close
to major telecom companies like Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Nokia, Huawei, …, and a
short train ride from Copenhagen Airport. Combain is a proud member of In-Location
Alliance, and works hard to improve global indoor positioning.


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